4151 Gray Hwy.

Gray, GA 31032


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Open Hours for Gray -8- Skate

Our Schedule at a Glance

Family Fun happens at Gray-8-Skate, Gray GA. Our open hours make it convenient to have a birthday party, private party and we even offer STEM field trips for our local schools and organizations. 

Thursday 6pm -9pm

$5 per Activity
Skate, Rentals, Playground, Laser Tag Game
$5 AYE Pizza
Ultimate Deal
$20 per person:  Unlimited of each activity AND AYE Pizza
1st Thursday of the Month is Old School Night
3rd Thursday of the Month is Christian Music Night!

Friday 6pm -10pm

$10 per activity, $5 rentals
$20 Drop Off Rate: includes rentals
$5 Laser Tag Special
Ultimate Deal
$25 per person includes Unlimited each Activity

Saturday 12pm -10pm

$10 per Activity
Skate, Rentals, Playground, Laser Tag Game
Ultimate Deal
$25 Unlimited Package – Unlimited of each Activity!

Sunday 2pm -6pm

$10 per Activity
Skate, Playground, Laser Tag Game
$5 Rentals
Ultimate Deal
$25 – Unlimited Activities!

We do not have to charge for parents or grandparents who are not skating. However, we do have to charge admission for ALL children, even toddlers, that are coming into the building regardless of whether they are skating or not.

Non-skating PARENTS / GRANDPARENTS enjoy free admission.

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