Open Hours

Open Hours for Gray -8- Skate

Here’s our Schedule

Our open hours make sure that Family Fun happens at Gray-8-Skate Family Entertainment Center, Gray GA. Our flexible party times make it convenient to have a birthday party or book a private party, school or group party and we even offer S.T.E.M. field trips for our local schools and organizations! 

Thursday 6pm -9pm

$5 per Activity
Skate, Rentals, Playground, Laser Tag Game
$5 AYE Pizza
Ultimate Deal
$20 per person:  Unlimited of each activity AND AYE Pizza
1st Thursday of the Month is Old School Night
3rd Thursday of the Month is Christian Music Night!

Friday 6pm -10pm

$10 per activity, $5 Skate Rental
$20 Drop Off Rate: includes rentals
$5 Laser Tag Special
Ultimate Deal
$25 per person includes Unlimited each Activity

Saturday 12pm -10pm

$10 per Activity
Skate, Rentals, Playground, Laser Tag Game
Ultimate Deal
$25 Unlimited Package – Unlimited of each Activity!

Sunday 2pm -6pm

$10 per Activity
Skate, Playground, Laser Tag Game
$5 Rentals
Ultimate Deal
$25 – Unlimited Activities!

Non-skating PARENTS / GRANDPARENTS enjoy free admission. ALL children must pay an admission fee. Additionally, any children under the age of 18 will be charged a drop-off fee if they do not have adult supervision.