Group Rates, Fundraises, & Field Trips

We love helping your students have fun!

We love helping your students have fun!

Gray-8-Skate in Gray Georgia offers a variety of programs, group rates and and party ideas to make sure your students are having fun while learning:

Here’s just a few of what we offer: 


  • We work with our local schools to: help promote reading
  • End of the year school parties
  • Class reward Parties
  • Rewards for class achievements
  • We offer a National STEM field trip program with hands on grade specific experiments that show students how STEM is something they use every day!

Bring a Group to Gray-8-Skate

Gray-8-Skate offers great rates to bring a group to skate. Starting at just 25 skaters, the more you have the lower the price! You need to call the rink and make a reservation, we have lots of days and time slots. This is a semi-private rate unless you specify you want the entire facility to yourselves. There’s a surcharge if you need private only.


We also offer a Gray Skies Program! This is perfect for summer groups like day camps. If your outdoor outing gets rained out, call us by 9am and we’ll try to fit your group into our day. Don’t want your kids disappointed! It’s always sunny inside Gray-8-Skate! Call 476-986-2111!